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How Pedal Power helps us to get more active when we travel

Based in Pontcanna Caravan Park and Cardiff Bay, Pedal Power offers a wide range of affordable accessible and standard bikes for hire, as well as guided riding sessions. The Welsh Government is keen to help an encourage more people to consider cycling as a viable transport option, so have recently funded a fleet of e-bikes. The aim is to make longer-distance cycles easier and encourage more people to consider cycling as a way to travel across Cardiff.  

How does Pedal Power help us make green choices? 

Pedal Power helps us make green choices by giving us the options and confidence to cycle.  

Meena Habib, an NHS doctor from Whitchurch, Cardiff, found Pedal Power last year. Having not cycled for 30 years, she was apprehensive at first, but wanted to combine her favourite childhood pastime with her passion for sustainability. She felt it was her best chance of travelling around the city in a ‘greener’ way.   

 After attending several guided riding sessions organised by Pedal Power, Meena had renewed confidence on two wheels and has encouraged her two sons to start cycling too.  

 She now uses cycling to get around the city, socialise and spend time with her sons. It’s not only a great form of exercise and a stress reliever but she is helping to reduce her own carbon footprint.  

Why take action? 

Beginning as a small project in a Cardiff hospital in 1996 for disabled cyclists, Pedal Power aims to encourage and enable people of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of cycling, striving to remove the barriers that many people face.   

Sian Donovan, Director of Pedal Power, said:

Pedal Power’s aim is to help everyone enjoy the benefits of cycling. If cycling is seen as a solution to getting out of cars and tackling the climate emergency, then it must be inclusive of people of different needs and ages or those who lack confidence. Inclusivity is the key to encouraging more people to opt for greener transport.

What is Wales doing?  

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, with responsibility for Transport said:

Transport has a very significant role to play in helping Wales reach net zero. The Welsh Government is planning for better physical and digital connectivity, more local services, more home and remote working, and more access to active travel.

  • The Welsh Government is investing in the development of an integrated transport network that will improve travel and will place people and climate change at the front and centre of our transport system.

  • The Welsh Government has been ramping up funding for active travel routes and facilities, to help local authorities create comprehensive networks of new and improved cycle and walking routes in Wales. Over £50m was invested in 2022-23, and more is earmarked for 2023-24. 

  • Welsh Government is further enabling access to electric bikes and cargo bikes in five towns and cities in Wales through the e-move project.  

  • It is predicted that by 2025 48% of new car sales will be zero emission, and a significant proportion of buses and taxis will have transitioned to zero emission vehicles.  

  • Welsh Government is investing in electric vehicle charging to help local authorities increase the number of charging facilities. 

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