Help us spread the word about climate change and the actions we can all take to tackle it.

On this page, we’ve collated links to useful videos and written material for you to share with your networks, supporting the call for everyone to get involved. We have also collated a series of reports and publications on climate change which can be found on the Wales Climate Week website. 

If you have any suitable material you would like us to include on this page (or on the Wales Climate Week website) then please email details to   

Climate & Nature 

  • Climate Action Wales and Environmental campaign assets (Welsh Government):
    Download and share the Climate Action Wales campaign assets, and other related Environmental campaign assets. Further information is here and you can register for access here.  

  • Climate Vision film (Welsh Government):
    This short film conveys the vision for a stronger, greener, fairer Wales.  

  • Community Voices films (Welsh Government):
    Click this link for access to a series of short films conveying people’s thoughts on climate change, fairness, business and work, transport, powering and heating homes, consumption and managing waste.  

  • Climate change and health infographic (Public Health Wales):
    Explore this Public Health Wales infographic which highlights the impact of climate change on our health and wellbeing, and the role of nature in supporting our health and wellbeing.    

  • Understanding climate change (Earthrise):
    The Breakdown is a short 5-part series that explores the climate crisis by looking at how we got here, where we are headed, and what we can do to make a difference to the state of the environment.   

  • Speaking to your children about Climate Change (Unicef):
    It can be hard to know how detailed or frank you should be with children when discussing the climate crisis. Luckily, there are developmentally appropriate and hopeful ways to tackle the discussion, so children walk away feeling engaged and empowered. UNICEF share these useful tips on how to discuss climate change with children of all ages.  

  • Education Resources for children, parents and teachers (Size of Wales):
    Size of Wales provides a bank of free educational resources that support lessons on climate change and tropical forests.

Green Home Energy Choices

  • Home energy saving tips (Energy Saving Trust) 

    Follow the Energy Saving Trust’s tips for quick and easy ways to save energy, lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.  

Green Transport Choices

  • Mobile travel app (Transport for Wales) 

    The Transport for Wales app could help you stay informed about journeys by public transport and avoid any delays or changes.  

  • Free active travel leaflets (Sustrans) 

    You can access free active travel leaflets and maps from Sustrans

  • Active travel network maps (DataMapWales) 

    Find cycling and walking routes in Wales using Active Travel Network maps

  • Map of electric vehicle charging points (Transport for Wales) 

    See Transport for Wales for a map of EV charging points in Wales. 

Green Food Choices 

  • Guide to eating a healthy, balanced diet (Welsh Government) 

    Download the Eatwell guide which shows the proportions in which different types of foods are needed to have a well-balanced and healthy diet. 

  • Food sustainability toolkit (Welsh Government) 

    Get top tips on how to reduce your food waste, packaging, and energy use in the kitchen with this sustainable eating toolkit. Discover ‘waste not’ recipes, as well as other tasty seasonal dishes from eco-chef Tom Hunt, and ways to eat sustainably on a budget. Read or download the toolkit here.  

Green Daily Choices

  • Videos & printed assets on recycling (WRAP) 

    Download a suite of videos and printable campaign assets from WRAP about recycling.  

  • Water-savings podcast (Consumer Council for Water) 

    This waterfall podcast, by two of CCW's leading experts Mike Keil and Karen Gibbs, discusses why and how we should save water. Listen here or on most podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcasts.  

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