Our Approach to Content Integrity 

At Climate Action Wales, we work to encourage changes, both big and small, to help create a stronger, greener, fairer Wales. One of the ways we do this is through this website, the Climate Action Wales Digital Hub.

Find out how we approach, create and review our content to ensure everything on this website is accurate, trustworthy, actionable and accessible. 

What is the purpose of our content?

The goal of this website is to provide accessible information about the climate emergency and to support and enable action that combats climate change, by providing examples of green choices we can each make in our everyday lives.  

We’re here for anyone who is curious about how they can be part of the change that will help make our lives, and those of future generations, more sustainable. Tackling climate change can feel overwhelming, but we hope our content demonstrates how we can take small steps together now to make the bigger shifts we need to make as a nation easier.  

 Additionally, we aim to showcase how the Welsh Government and businesses are acting to support the commitment, in law, for Wales to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

 Every suggestion and piece of content on this website may not be relevant to every reader, but our objective is to propose a variety of ways each of us can help.  

Where does the information from our content come from? 

Each piece of content on this website is written using data, research and insights from the Welsh Government as well as reliable and trustworthy information sources, such as the BBC and Public Health Wales.  

How is the information on our site reviewed?

Content on this website is fact-checked, reviewed and approved by a team of experienced, multi-disciplinary content editors as well as our Editorial Panel, which includes representation from the following areas of Welsh Government: 

  • Climate Change Division 

Sector policy divisions including:  

  • Transport 

  • Health 

  • Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency 

  • Food & Agri food 

  • Marine 

  • Energy 

  • Housing  

Related policy divisions including: 

  • Environment & Rural Affairs 

  • Local Government Sustainability 

  • Innovation 

  • Net Zero Skills 

  • Business & Regions 

  • Environmental Protection 

  • Welsh Language 

External delivery partners including: 

  • Public Health Wales 

  • Natural Resources Wales 

  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) 

Who produces our content?

This website is produced by the Welsh Government, with support from external digital contractors and oversight from our Editorial Panel. 

Where can you share feedback or report errors?

We would love to hear from you about anything on this website, including suggestions for topics we should cover, or how our content may be improved. You can contact us in the following ways:  

Phone: 0300 0604400 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm)  
International enquiry number: (+44) 1443 845500 

Email: climatechange@gov.wales   
For general enquiries, email: customerhelp@gov.wales  

Postal address:   
Customer help  
Welsh Government  
Cathays Park  
CF10 3NQ  

If you need to visit us in person and can’t find our address, call or email us for directions.

For further support or advice call

0300 0604400

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