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Mother of two to swap car for electric bike after cycle loan scheme

A mother of two from Aberystwyth is considering ditching her car for a bike after taking part in the Sustrans E-Move electric cycle loan scheme. 

Last summer, Hannah Engelkamp loaned an electric bike with a double back seat for a month. The e-bike allowed her to cycle her two young children across town to their school every day. Although this was its main purpose, the family also found themselves using it for food shops, to explore the local area, and to visit family and friends.  

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How do cycle loan schemes help us make green choices? 

The Sustrans E-move pilot, funded by Welsh Government, is an electric cycle loan scheme for people living in Aberystwyth, Barry, Swansea, Newtown, and their surrounding areas.  

Jonny Eldridge, Project Co-ordinator at Sustrans said: “E-move not only offers a healthy, sustainable, and affordable way to travel, it also helps people who may find the cost of e-bikes a barrier to using them.” 

Of her experience with the scheme, Hannah said: “Having the electric bike for four weeks was a complete game-changer for the whole family. Before the trial, I’d never even sat on an electric bike; now I’m considering investing in one!” 

Hannah has always tried to make as many green choices as possible, but this sometimes limited the places she could go with the children.  

“The e-bike made the commute to school fun and quick, and also helped us easily (and cheaply) travel further for family adventures.”

Why take action? 

The Sustrans E-move scheme meant that Hannah and her family barely used their car during the trial.  

“I’ve realised we really don’t need two. So we’re seriously considering trading one in for an electric bike. Not only will it save us money in the long run, but it’ll provide us with a cleaner, greener way to get around locally.” 

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change with the responsibility for transport says that we need to encourage more people, like Hannah, to consider swapping their car for a bike – particularly for those shorter, local journeys.  

“Schemes like E-move are a great way for people to just have a go and see how a bike (or e-bike) could fit with their daily routine.” 

Echoing Hannah’s choice to cycle, Lee said: 

“I love using my bike to get to and from work. Cycling has so many benefits. It’s not only better for the environment and cheaper to maintain than running a car, but also great for your mental health and physical wellbeing.” 

What is Wales doing? 

The Welsh Government has committed to taking action on climate change. It has been working on improving the infrastructure for people to travel without cars by developing dedicated cycle lanes, pathways and active travel routes in cities across Wales. It is also working with organisations and businesses across the country for collective action to create a cleaner, greener Wales. For more information visit

Funded by the Welsh Government, E-move aims to reduce carbon emissions by replacing some of the journeys usually made by car. For more information visit  

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