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Use less water

A little more water saving and a little less waste helps us all conserve our planet’s precious resources – and could save us money on water and energy bills.

Extreme weather caused by climate change can lead to water shortages for nature and for us. So we need to save water and change the way we use it at home to ensure there’s enough for us and future generations. Domestic wastewater treatment by water companies (to treat and pump water for our households) makes up 8% of Wales’ waste sector emissions. If we use less, we can help reduce this. 

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What can we do?

Each household in the UK uses on average 345 litres of water a day.

There are a number of easy and safe ways to reduce your water usage at home which could save money on your energy bills.We can’t all do everything – for example if you rent your home, you might not be able to get a water meter fitted – but there are always smaller switches. Here are a few ideas for smarter water use: 

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Take shorter showers

Taking a 10-minute shower each day consumes the equivalent of over 100,000 glasses of drinking water every year. Whenever possible, keeping your shower to under four minutes could save up to £95 a year on your energy bills. And turn off the water while shampooing.

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Use your washing machine wisely

Switch to energy-efficient appliances if you can, and make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before pressing the start button to maximise water efficiency. Use eco-setting when you can – this uses lower wash and rinse temperatures, so it requires less energy to heat the water. Air-dry your laundry to save energy from your tumble dryer – it'll help reduce your electricity bill too.

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Turn off taps

Make sure you always turn off taps while you’re not using them, for example when cleaning your teeth. This is an easy way to teach your kids about water saving too; get them in the habit of turning off the tap when brushing. If you’re washing up in the kitchen sink, try and fill it with soapy water instead of letting the water run.

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Install water saving devices

There are many ways to upgrade your home and save water, energy and money, like using a water-efficient shower head, universal plugs and kitchen tap aerators. Find out more about water saving products that can help you cut water use at home.

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Invest in a dual-flush toilet

This will help you reduce the amount of water used for each flush and could help you save up to 12,500 litres per year – equivalent to 150 average-sized baths.

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Switch to a water meter

Water meters can help you understand how much water you’re using and make changes to reduce water waste and save money. Try this water meter calculator to check your potential savings. 

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Choose the right plants

Water your plants in the morning or at night to reduce evaporation – using a watering can. If you’ve got a garden, try xeriscaping – a landscaping method that requires low-water-use plants and helps conserve water.

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Eat more vegetables

A large amount of water is needed to produce a selection of common foodstuffs, like meat. Vegetables typically use less water.

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Capture rainwater

A water butt is a large barrel to catch rainwater. You can use this water on your plants, and it has the added bonus of reducing your water usage and possibly even saving money on your water bills. Find out more about collecting, storing and using rainwater.  

Why take action?

Our water usage has tripled over the last 50 years – while drought, rising temperatures and heatwaves are becoming more frequent in Wales. To make sure there will be enough water supply for future generations, we need to make a few changes. Minimising water use will help us:

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Save energy

The production, treatment and distribution of water are processes that consume large amounts of energy and contribute to our household carbon emissions. Using less water can help lower our energy consumption to lessen the impact of climate change.


Save money

Using less water won’t only help you save the planet but it’ll also reduce your water bills – especially considering that average UK water and sewage bill for homes with meters comes to £405. An agricultural drought could also damage crop yields and harvests, which in turn would affect the cost of food. 

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Reduce our carbon footprint

Around 6% of UK carbon emissions come from hot water use. To reduce our carbon emissions as well as energy use and bills we need to use water more efficiently.

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Preserve natural resources

We can only use less than 1% of the water supply on earth as drinking water. Protecting our planet’s limited freshwater resources means we can ensure a clean and safe water supply for everyone.

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Promote ecosystem health

Many aquatic mammals need adequate levels of water to survive in lakes, rivers and wetlands. It’s essential to be mindful of our water consumption to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

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