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Join the buzz: why are bees so important?

Did you know our planet’s health relies significantly on bees? That’s why they are celebrated globally on World Bee Day every May 20th. It’s not just a day; it's a movement dedicated to spreading awareness and sparking action to safeguard these crucial pollinators.

Bee flying past flowers

Why should you care about bees? Imagine a world without coffee, chocolate, or apples! Nearly a third of the food we eat depends on bee pollination. These tiny workers are key to the survival of many crops and, by extension, to our survival. They balance ecosystems, pollinate our favourite fruits, and even help reduce pollution.

Wild bees are in danger: Recent scientific studies reveal a grim global reality: wild bees are dangerously endangered. The United Nations sounded the alarm in 2015, warning that one million species, including bees, could vanish. This isn’t just about losing a species; it’s about a potential collapse in global food security and natural diversity. In Wales, honey bees are largely managed and their numbers are not in decline.

How can you make a difference? You have the power to impact the survival of bees and other pollinators, whether you live in a flat or have a large garden.

Plant a bee sanctuary: Grow bee-friendly plants throughout the year like crocus, alliums, rudbeckia and herbs.

Let it grow wild: Allow a corner of your garden to bloom freely to give bees a habitat.

Build a bee hotel: Create a refuge. Protect it from wet weather and maintain it to provide shelter for them and their larvae.

Watering stop: Place a dish with pebbles and shallow water to help thirsty bees.

Choose bee-friendly products: Consider non-chemical alternatives and other preventative measures to control pests, weeds and diseases in your garden.

Support local beekeepers: Buy locally produced honey and beeswax products.

World bee day isn’t just a day. Get involved and help spread the word. Together, we can ensure the buzz continues around Wales. Join us this May 20th in celebrating and protecting our vital bee and pollinator populations

Here's a guide to help you select plants and give you ideas on how to make your space, organisation or community Pollinator-Friendly

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